Niantic Demographics

Niantic Demographics

Niantic is a small, unspoiled village on the central Connecticut coast. The village overlooks the beautiful Niantic Bay. At a population of just over 3,000 and a size of 1,200 square miles, Niantic is not quite large enough to be designated as a town.

The beauty of Niantic makes it a desirable location to live, but the small size means it is an exclusive locale. Almost half the population of Niantic consists of middle aged to older individuals with a good income. A little over 20 percent of the population is children under 18 years of age. Around 46 percent of the residents are married couples and 33 percent of the population are single people living alone. The population gender is unevenly divided with 100 females for every 89 males.

Niantic is a wealthy village when compared to the rest of Connecticut. The median household income is just below 75,000 dollars a year. For comparison, the median household income for the entire country is 51,939 dollars per year. Poverty is virtually nonexistent in this Connecticut village with only three percent of the population living below the national poverty line.

Although the population is small, the small town coastal charm of Niantic draws a large number of visitors each year. The residents of Niantic enjoy the close-knit culture of a small community and are happy to share it with polite tourists. They frequently host events for both the locals and visitors to enjoy. Boating plays a large part in the social gatherings of Niantic. Each Wednesday and weekend evening the Niantic Bay is filled with boats preparing to race across the bay. This activity is great fun for locals and tourists and is particularly popular on the warm summer evenings.

Niantic cannot be mentioned without discussing the stunning natural beauty of the area. Nature lovers come from all over to hike through the quiet wooded areas of the village. The beach also offers a relaxing place to walk for miles and enjoy the beautiful sights of the bay. The beach is also a great place to hunt for clams, fish and swim.

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