• In watching the 2016 campaign, I’m finding that I’m paying closer attention to the candidates’ views on agriculture for the first time; an issue that will impact my entire career if mishandled. ...Read More
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  • While the tradition of women working in wine certainly didn’t begin with Mrs. Mondavi, she did have quite a hand in shaping how women evolved into the American wine industry. ...Read More
  • “How do I become a Wine Educator” and I say to them that it’s actually not as hard as they might think. It takes passion, knowledge, and a willingness to teach, but actually becoming an educator really isn’t too challenging. The challenge lies in continuing to improve yourself…” ...Read More

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Zach Glassman

Zachary Glassman is a Professional

 Wine Geek and Educator originally from Long Island, NY.  He has studied at the International Culinary Center and the Napa Valley Wine Academy.  You can check him out at